There are many different ways to describe me and this blog. Here I will talk about my views on parenting. This blog is only intended to share information I find helpful, or belive my fellow AP/RIE/gentle parents will enjoy. Nothing I post is to bash or condemn other parent/caregivers, though I have been told otherwise…
My main mission here, and in life, is to give support to any willing parents/caregivers and children. Whether it be pregnancy support (I am studying to be a doula), birth support, PP support or parenting support.

My life outside my son, is dedicated to spreading information on gentle/attachment parenting and the science behind it, becoming a doula and child development specialist.

I do not claim to be a professional. I only can be me and share my thoughts and findings with everyone.

I, as well as anyone, make mistakes. There will also be things I will say that you might not agree with. That’s okay. If you have the need to be mean ot nasty, take it elsewhere. I do not have room for negativity. If you do have something to share, in a positive adult manner, please feel free to leave a comment, find me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter or email me at coffeesonlove@gmail.com

Thank you gor taking some time for #CSL


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