Life Is A Blur With Toddlers

Oh man, how life has changed.

The last few months have been a complete whirlwind. From my boyfriend losing his job to downsizing in July, deciding to move to L.A from San Jose, having to give up my precious doggie. Plus, learning how to grow and relate to my little man during times of chaos, has been humbling to say the least.

Sometimes, I forget that A is only two and doesn’t have much reasoning capability or self control yet. He is basically a tiny teenager right now. In his world, if I don’t let him pour lotion into the toilet I am a tyrant, worthy of a good verbal lashing (in toddler speak, of course). Or if I can’t go to daddy’s work and make him come home I am just being a “meanie mama”.

Being creative in the way I explain situations to him has been key at avoiding tantrums. I have been speaking *with* him in a context that doesn’t encourage a “no” answer, but instead encourages him to use his words or actions. “Can you tell me why you feel sad?… Can you show me what you need? “

Of course my doTERRA oils help me along the way so much. It has been fun to watch A learn about the different smells and what the oils are used for. When he picks out his own, his body is incredibly intuitive as to which one he needs. For instance, when he is anxious or feeling down he chooses either Juniper & Wild Orange or Lavender and Wild Orange. At bedtime he likes a mix of Serenity, Orange, Vetiver with a little Breathe on his chest. (Follow the links above to learn more about each oil)

Being a busy toddler chasing mama is just part of what I do.

It is great to have a vision for the path that has been materializing in front of me through all of my struggles. It is a exciting time in my life right now. I get to start a new chapter of my life here in L.A (well, in the Valley for now). A few things going on with me are;  teaching a variety of doTERRA classes, starting a product line (more info soon), doula classes in the fall, and returning to work part time and creating an online forum (with my best friend) to unite like minded mamas.

Next post I will tell you how I corral my 2 year old while cleaning and making an awesome dinner recipe.

Stay tuned for more information on how to keep your sanity with tiny humans. (;


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