The Age Of Technology And Our Children

I feel like so many “older people”use the phrase- “When I was a kid…”. Well, when I was a kid we had to wait to see our grandparents or we had to call them on the phone. Or if people lived far away it was nice to send cards and things in the mail, and we were used to not seeing those people, except for on special occasions and vacations.

In this day and age, children have so many different options available to stay connected with their loved ones. They have Skype, Tango, Snapchat, Facebook, Google+ Hangouts, texting, email- the list goes on and on and there is always new social media being created.

My SO and I live in California, while all of our family and friends live in Michigan and Colorado. It used to bother me to think of my son growing up not being able to have a relationship with his extended family. Now I see though, he loves to Skype and use Tango. he will point to the computer and say “Amah Amah”(grandma on daddys side) or “papa papa”(grandpa on mommas side), to let me know he is thinking of them and wants to see how they are. He also loves to Tango on my phone with my dad. He will jabber and dance, then take my phone to show papa the apartment.

So after giving it considerable thought, I believe Ro will have a strong bond with grandparents and extended family through this new world of technology. No, we may not get to have Sunday breakfast at grandma and grandpas or visit his aunts, but when he is feeling lonely and misses them, he will have the ability to connect with them in a way that wasn’t available to the people of my generation and older.

To me, technology has the capability to destroy us, or take us to the next level of connected consciousness. Either way, it definitely helps my son build much needed relationships with his family, and gives them a chance to know who he is as well.

It will be interesting to see how much different the way his generation will connect with one another  when Ro is 10-13 even. It will become almost second nature to video chat, or send a video message to our friends and family.(For a lot of us this is already true.) Compared to my generation where things like that were just coming about, when we were 10-13 years old. (Or younger.. lol)

I am defintitely looking forward to seeing how technology is going to change and evolve, and with that the world. Hopefully for the better.

More to come in the Daddys Need Appreciation Too series. Stay tuned.



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