Dads Need Appreciation Too

As women we tend to want to jump in or hover when dad is playing with the children. Some of us may also have a hard time letting dad step in to enforce guidelines. We really should give dads a little room to breath, ladies. When I feel hovered over, it tends to make me feel anxious. That anxiety effects my emotions and definitely the way I interact with my son. So just imagine how daddy feels.

Though, I am certainly guilty of the hover and jumping in. It’s great when I just take a step back to watch Ro with Austin. It’s good for him to be handled differently sometimes. Or rather, by different people. Playtime with daddy is a little more action packed, and rough than play time with mommy. Spinning, jumping, being loud and running are among the favorite things they like to do together. Rough housing. While playtime with mommy is more like building blocks, puzzles, reading or cooking.

I know sometimes as an AP momma, it’s hard to step back. We should try to use those moments to gather ourselves or maybe even *gasp* take a shower alone, instead of gawking at your significant other toss the baby in the airtoohigh..again. I know, I know. Whoa, Amanda, slow down, you might say. It is true ladies, we can take a step back to let dad have his time without being hovered over and it will be great all around for everyone.

I think as super moms we forget all of the things that our significant others do for us and our children. In home and out. Even though, we feel like we have to nag them about the same things over and over, we forget (that for many of us) the daddys in our lives, work very hard. We should embrace them in their own way of connection, instead of trying to make them like us.

So while we sometimes want to jump in and “teach” our lovers how to do it best sometimes; just sit back and let them teach you. Maybe mommies could use a few rough house pointers. Or maybe even eat or shower with our own thoughts.


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