11 Ways I Use To Calm Down

Yelling. We’ve all felt the overwhelming parent guilt that comes with losing our tempers, and raising our voices.  Here are eleven ways I stop myself from yelling.

1.) Use a silly voice to make yourself sound (and feel) less angered.

2.)Dance around like a Gorilla. Really. Just try it, and I bet you won’t be able to keep the grin off of your face.

3.)Take a step away. Sometimes we have to take a moment to collect ourselves and just take a breath, so we can be the stable calm parents we strive to be.

4.)Get outside. It’s scientifically proven that spending time outside lowers stress hormones and actually promotes healthy cell regeneration.

5.)Use art. Break out the paints, markers, crayons, clay or whatever you have around and start creating.  Maybe ask your little one to make something describing how he/she is feeling. Or encourage your child to make something from their imagination. A seven legged cow, a purple sun. It’s okay to create things that aren’t “real”.

6.)Play with food. Aerro and I do this often. Get your little set up in their high chair and give them some mustard and ketchup to draw with. Let them “paint” with it, and see how the colors mix. If you want to have a real blast add pureed food for more color fun. If you have older ones, maybe try and bake some cookies or let them help out in the kitchen.

7.)Cuddle time. Sometimes all we need is a little extra love. It’s extraordinary what a few hugs and kisses can do. I know I feel amazing after my bud wants to cuddle on me, or my boyfriend wants to snuggle on the couch.   😉

8.)Play with a pet. Animals have been shown to have calming effects on humans. When you are feeling stressed or maybe the kids are acting out, grab Spikes ball and head outside for some catch. If you don’t have a pet, maybe take the kids to the local pet store or animal shelter. If the weather is nice, try looking for a local petting zoo.

9.)Music. Never underestimate the power of music. Throw on some upbeat tunes and sing along. Even of you can’t carry a tune, you will start to feel your mood life in no time.

10.)Mantras and affirmations. Using mantras helps me from getting too caught up in bad feelings, and helps me find my center again. Recently I started using Sanskrit mantras, but a few English ones I use are; “I am calm and centered”, “This too shall pass”, “Life is exactly how I make it”. Find one that works for you and put it to use.

11.)Coffee. When in doubt, just take a moment to brew some coffee. If coffee isn’t your thing, try some lavender chamomile tea to calm your nerves.

We all handle our stress differently. Just remember it’s always okay to take a minute to yourself so you can reconnect to the outcome you wish for.


One thought on “11 Ways I Use To Calm Down

  1. D. Harbin Evely says:

    Great suggestions. Really like “act like a gorilla “(this works w teens also), painting w food ( when I was a young mom, this would have “inappropriate “. Cuddle & animal are great too. Thx u, will pass this on.

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